Rabu, 12 Oktober 2016

Contoh memperkenalkan diri dengan menggunakan Bahasa Inggris


      What is the meaning of a name. The name is not a prayer given by our parents that we conform to his wishes. sometimes funny lately no such thing as a god and the demon pretty strange but there is definitely behind the names we artilah was regarded strange it all.

Speling your name:

      My name is Muhammad Teguh Budianto, but you can call me Teguh or Budi or Anto.

Length of your name:

      My name rather long. There are three words in it Muhammad Teguh and Budianto.

Is your name common or strange?

      I think I was quite familliar name because I often find people named Muhammad or  Teguh.

Nick Names you like to be called:
      You can call me Teguh. You can also call me adipati because I fans a adipati dolken. 
My parents call me Mas because my son to one. But my high school friends call me the theory 
Because I like advising them when I'm not better than them. If the home of my friends used to 
call me skinny because I'm skinny. But please don’t call me amat because many people are named  

Similar to other people’s names:
      I think not many people who have names similar to my name.

Meaning of your name
      My name has several meanings. The first is a meaningful muhammad prophet in Islam. 
The second Teguh which means crowing strong and unyielding. the latter is budianto meaning in 
virtue. So that the meaning muhammad budianto steadfast character is the person who always 
behaved like a prophet sturdy, strong and abstinence Also Surrender As well as acting in terms 
of Virtue.
      That's all about my full name to the name dialing and their meanings. 
I hope you can tell her thank you for listening and watching. Thank you very much. 
Bye Assalamualaikum.


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